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Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2030

Cleaner/Corrosion Inhibitor for Ultrasonic and Immersion Washers

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2030 - 5 gallon pail


Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2030 is a concentrated, very high-performance cleaner made for washing iron and steel parts and applying a short-term corrosion inhibitor in single-stage ultrasonic or immersion washers. Its cleaning ability is extraordinary, which often leads to shorter cleaning cycles or elimination of cleaning steps. CLEAN 2030's oil-rejecting properties mean longer bath life and economical operation. CLEAN 2030 can also wash most other metals including brass, copper alloy, aluminum, zinc, and magnesium.

  • Excellent cleaning in immersion and ultrasonic tanks
  • Long life because oils split rapidly to the surface of your cleaner tank where they can be skimmed off
  • An excellent choice where one product is used for multiple purposes, such as washing mixed batches of ferrous, aluminum, and copper alloy parts in a single-stage washer
  • Will provide one-to two-weeks' indoor rust inhibition on iron and steel, as well as in-process tarnish resistance on copper and copper alloy parts
  • Will remove coolant residues as well as straight oils

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2030   
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