WEDOLiT AS 9921-60
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WEDOLiT AS 9921-60

High-Protection-Calibration-Fluid 60°C flash point
(aromatic content ≤ 2%)

WEDOLiT AS 9921-60

WEDOLiT AS 9921-60 is a leading edge corrosion inhibitor for steel and other metals, which offers long-term protection for indoor storage. Its low viscosity allows it to be used as an immersion bath, e.g. for the treatment of hollow bodies. It can also be applied by spraying, flooding, brushing or rolling. Due to the high oil content, it can also be used in straightening processes.

  • Ideal for overseas transport
  • Suitable for VCI-foils: The full corrosion protection is only given in the solvent-free film, therefore a short storage time until the solvent evaporates must be observed especially before packing in boxes with foils
  • Can be used in straightening or light forming processes after the solvent has evaporated
  • Stable against acidic and alkaline contamination
  • Excellent bath life
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Easily removable with organic solvents (cold cleaners) or water-miscible alkaline industrial cleaners
  • Additive loss due to water contact: Extremely low

WEDOLiT AS 9921-60   
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