High-speed Centrifuges and Tramp Oil Removal

Master Fluid Solutions is an expert in the high-speed centrifugation of metalworking fluids for tramp oil removal. Only a high-speed centrifuge will get out oils which have become mechanically sheared or partially chemically emulsified in the fluid. Fluids free of tramp oil last longer, give better tool life, and save you money. Get guaranteed less than 0.5% tramp oil with centrifugation. It`s quick and easy!

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Tramp Oil Terminator™

Portable Centrifuge Unit for Removing Emulsified Tramp Oils

Tramp Oil Terminator™

Developed to meet the needs of the small metalworking plant for a compact, portable, high-speed centrifuge, tramp oil separator, the Tramp Oil Terminator™ will process both water-miscible coolants and aqueous cleaners to remove free and emulsified tramp oils, providing clean and reusable coolants and cleaners. Removing tramp oils (hydraulic oils, way lubes or any undesirable oil) from coolants and cleaners removes a food source for bacteria, reduces undesirable residues, and reduces smoke and oil mist in the shop atmosphere.


  • Extended life of coolants and cleaners
  • Improved machining
  • Longer tool life


  • Compact and portable for machine tool sumps and parts washers
  • Simple operation
  • High-speed, disc-bowl centrifuge
  • Stainless-steel hood and bowl
  • Built-in clean fluid centripetal discharge pump
  • Easy dismantling of bowl for cleaning
  • Quick disconnects on feed and discharge
  • Strainer and 50 micron cleanable pre-filter
  • Air pump and floating skimmer for feed
  • Automatic shut off when tramp oil collection tank is full

    XYBEX™ ChipOut™

    Chip & Sludge Remover

    A perfect match-up with the PurifierPlus is the XYBEX ChipOut. It is also a compact, easy-to-use, affordable solution for optimizing production. It simply and effectively sucks out the coolant, chips, and swarf to collect and filter all solid impurities and return clean coolant to the tank.

    Get the most from your coolant with ChipOut. It literally pays for itself in no time with significant cost savings.

      XYBEX ChipOut
      • Separates surface debris, bottom chips and swarf, and sediment from coolant
      • Extends coolant life
      • Improves surface finish on parts
      • Reduces maintenance
      • Uses diaphram pump air pressure, no electricity required
      • High suction power, flow rate of 180 liters/min
      • Runs during production without shutting off machine tools
      • Adjustable stainless steel filters: standard mesh 380 microns; optional: 830 microns and 180 microns
      • Optional floating device for maximum tramp oil collection
      • Portable and easy to use with multiple machines
      • Operates with water-soluble coolants or neet oils
      Cost effective ChipOut adds up to big savings
      • Reduces annual coolant cost
      • Reduces expensive parts rejects
      • Reduces maintenance to a minimum

    XYBEX™ ChipOut Plus™

    Magnetic Centrifugal Sludge & Chip Remover

    Looking for a fast, affordable way to have longer coolant life, reduce maintenance, and achieve better machinability and surface finish? Hardworking ChipOut Plus delivers all that and more in a compact, portable system that can hook up to machines throughout the shop.

    It does double time, as both a centrifugal and magnetic separator for water-based cutting fluids or neat oils. It’s simple to use, powerful, and efficient.

    First, the suction hose draws in the liquid and impurities. The filtration bucket traps large impurities before the sludge-containing fluid enters the centrifugal separator where fine particles are separated out by centrifugal force. The sludge then enters the powerful magnetic separator which efficiently removes magnetic metallic shavings and particles. Just like its name implies, it takes out chips - plus more!

      XYBEX ChipOut Plus
      • Separates surface debris, magnetic dust and shavings, chips, swarf, and sediment from coolant
      • Extends coolant life
      • Improves surface finish on parts
      • Reduces maintenance
      • Separates using centrifugal and magnetic force
      • Provides extremely fine filtration
      • No need to stop the machine
      • Quick filtration, easy to operate
      • Portable, use with multiple machines
      • No consumables needed
      Use hardworking, cost effective ChipOut Plus to reduce costs and build profits
      Save time and build up profits with ChipOut Plus.
      • Reduces annual coolant cost
      • Reduces maintenance and manpower
      • Reduces costly parts rejects

    XYBEX™ PurifierPlus™

    Cutting Fluid Purifying System

    The portable, cost-effective XYBEX PurifierPlus system pays for itself with material cost savings, reduced downtime and recycling costs. Not only does it enhance production and make the workplace cleaner, it also is better for employee health and the environment.

    Unlike units which simply separate machine tramp oil (the unwanted byproduct of the machining/metalworking process) from coolant, PurifierPlus has an ozone disinfection function which kills bacteria. Not only is the coolant cleaned and lasts longer, it’s purified and reused, and the subsequent problematic stench from bacteria and fungal growth is eliminated.

    Improve production, reduce costs, and experience a cleaner workplace with PurifierPlus.

      XYBEX PurifierPlus
      • Separates free tramp oil and extends coolant life
      • Reduces tool wear and costly parts rejects
      • Easy to use with a handy set-timer to operate on its own
      • Adjustable flow rate filter from 10 to 30 liters/hr
      • Kills bacteria (for best results run 1 hour for each 100 liters in sump; ozone function disinfects at 500 mg/hr)
      • Built-in pH detector (optional) adjusts pH to control range
      • Portable for use on multiple machines in the facility
      PurifierPlus quickly pays for itself in savings
      • Saves 10% to 25% on annual coolant cost
      • Saves 30% to 50% on additional water cost
      • Saves 10% to 25% on tooling costs and part reworks
      • Reduces clean-up time 60% to 80% annually

    XYBEX™ System 1000

    XYBEX™ System 1000

    The XYBEX System 1000 is a complete, full capability single product coolant recycling system for the medium-sized metalworking plant operation with machine tools fitted with their own coolant sumps.


    • For plants operating with one coolant and total sump capacities not exceeding 5,000 U.S. gallons (18,900 liters)


    • Small foot print – features over/under tank design
    • 300 gallon (1140 liters) dirty coolant tank
    • 450 gallon (1700 liters) clean coolant tank
    • UNIMIX™>automatic coolant proportioning pump for coolant makeup and concentration control
    • High-speed, disc-bowl, liquid-from-liquid centrifuge to clean coolant to less than 0.5% emulsified tramp oil and 2-5 microns of particulate matter
    • SCROUNGERoil belt skimmer for removal of free floating, nonemulsified tramp oil
    • Automatic operation

    XYBEX® System 1000 Centrifuge, Cleaning and Maintenance